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Our Services

Please review our most commonly requested services

Residential Security / Safety Plan ADT

We will review your lifestyle and current security methods. We will work with you to design a security plan that fits your needs. We will train your family how to prevent, recognize and react to a threat. 

We will help you keep your young ones safe whether they are at school, in the neighborhood, at home alone or online. ADT  America's #1 Security / Smart Home Company

Commercial Security Plan

We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your property and current security measures. We will work with you to design a robust plan to keep your staff safe. We will consider: Access control; surveillance; employee vetting; human resources; fire evacuation; lockdown procedures and active shooter response.

Personal awareness and defensive tactics

We will help you create a mindset of awareness. Our mission is to enable you to avoid danger, recognize danger and defeat danger. We specialize in incorporating TASER and Stunguns into your personal safety plan. 

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Our powerful female speaker will guide women in several areas to minimize becoming a victim. We will empower you to be fit, assertive, aware and able to defend yourself. We will educate you on the laws concerning harassment in the workplace and how to effectively make a report.

NJ Attorney General Guidance RE: TASERS / StunGuns