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‚ÄčSafetyman Consulting LLC

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BOLAWRAP - Pre-Escalation 

Remote Restraint

Safetyman on Fox Philadelphia Providing Active Shooter Survival Tips

Safetyman on NBC 10 Providing Verbal Deescalation Training

Safetyman Services

If you stay ready, you don't

have to get ready.

At Safetyman Security Consulting, our mission is to teach you how to keep those you love safe.

As our Lead Consultant; I have more than 25 years of law Enforcement Training and Experience. I am trained and certified by the State of New Jersey, Taser International, FEMA and the NJ Office of Domestic Preparedness.

Client Defined Training

We will provide professional, personalized training and consulting in the following critical areas:

  1. Active Shooter
  2. Emergency Trauma Care
  3. Commercial security solutions
  4. Sexual Harassment in the workplace
  5. Personal awareness and safety
  6. Residential Security
  7. Online awareness for children
  8. Taser Training and Sales

Firearms Training CCW Permit to Carry a Handgun

Safetyman on NBC 10 Philadelphia providing carjacking survival training

Active Shooter

We will assess your commercial property.

We will work with you to develop a prevention model

We will work with you to create an action plan to save lives

We will work with you to recover from an incident of workplace violence

Sexual Harassment

Our lead speaker will educate and empower women in the workplace

She will work individually or in a group setting to create an assertive and confident mindset

She will provide specific training in diet, exercise and basic self defense

Client Defined Consulting

We will create a safety / security plan based on your personal or commercial lifestyle.

We will connect you with other professionals in the field if additional needs arise during our relationship

Contact us now for a FREE consultation to enhance the safety of your loved ones, your clients and your coworkers.

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